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C8 Sciences

It’s our mission to bring cognitive training to the masses, and that’s why we’ve created Peak Advanced Training: a purpose-built platform that houses advanced cognitive training plans developed in collaboration with leading scientists and universities.

Each unique program focuses on training a single function intensely over a period of several weeks. The training plans are available as one-off purchases in the Advanced Training section of Peak (see the sidebar!).

Cambridge University

Cambridge University’s Department of Psychiatry is an internationally leading center for research, teaching and clinical practice in psychiatry.

The Cambridge University & Peak Advanced Training Plan is a memory game that uses Paired Associate Learning. Recommended gameplay is three times a day for four weeks. The game is based on the Wizard game, which was developed by Professor Barbara Sahakian and Tom Piercy at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. To find out more information on Wizard, you can read the published Cambridge research study here.

Cambridge Memory Training

C8 Sciences

C8 Sciences is a leading developer of neuroscience-based brain-training programs aimed at exercising cognitive skills of both adults and children.

The C8 Sciences & Peak Advanced Training Plan is an intensive attention training program designed to stimulate the many dimensions of attentional focus. The program uses patent-pending algorithms from Yale University, and involves 1000 minutes of play in three games over a 12 week period.

C8 Sciences


Brainways aims to stimulate cognitive function via human interaction with lectures, practical workshops, and digital training based on neuroscience research.

Like no other Peak training before, the Brainways & Peak Advanced Training Plans are interactive coaching experiences with daily lessons and guided exercises in a range of mental faculties. The courses are five weeks long, and cover topics such as Working Memory, Creative Thinking, Emotional Management and Empathy.



Coming soon

IntelliGym is a computer-based training system developed by Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE), and is designed to challenge sports players’ cognitive skills. The IntelliGym & Peak Advanced Training Plan is focused on exercising decision making in the context of a team sports game. The plan consists of several sessions over an 8-week period, and offers detailed training data.


Whether you’re looking to stimulate your cognitive skills or simply play fun and challenging games, you can download Peak on the App Store now!